Dear recruiters, head hunters and HR people!

Recruiting is hard, finding good candidates is even harder. I am totally aware, since I did hire candidates myself in the past.

While I am not looking for a new position, maybe you have the absolutely amazing position I would be interested in...

To make the whole process as less effort as possible and not a waste of time for both of us, here are few things to consider when contacting me with a job offer:

  • The job should be close to 100% remote.
  • I am not interested in freelance positions.
  • I am neither interested in fixed term contracts.
  • I speak English and German - if you approach me in any other language, you didn't do your homework, and I won't take your messages seriously.
  • I'm a software tester, and if you've read my profile you know that. If you approach me for other roles, you didn't do your homework and I won't collaborate with you.
  • I won't reply to any mass messages.
  • I only want to work at an IT product company.
  • Please provide a full job description.
  • Please provide a salary range for the position.
  • I'm working in Luxembourg, where social insurance & taxes are relatively low.
    Thus, if the position is outside Luxembourg, the yearly gross salary needs to be at least 110k €.
    Please understand that I am not willing to change jobs for less than what I am earning now.

After you have considered above points, I would be happy to discuss further - in case the position is absolutely appealing.
Thanks for your consideration, in order to not waste your and my time.

Kind Regards,
Christian Baumann

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